• In many organizations, Project management is the framework  for many activities. The main factor for the success or failure of  a project is the project manager and his/her knowledge about  "how to manage  a project?" .  Project Managers require administrative ability, the ability t find creative solutions, a profound understanding of the needs of the Organization and the context in which it was decided to  initiate  the project, as well as the ability to respond to customer needs and requirements; these elements will  lead the projects to a successful  conclusions with   satisfied  customers and organization.

    Self enrolment: MTA-283101.02 - 2013-14- B - Project Management
  • “From shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations” Is there a way of thinking about the long term preservation of a family wealth? What determines the success of the long term wealth preservation? Are there practices family could employ using that way of thinking to overcome the effects of the proverb? This course is about developing new ways of thinking and new skills to deal effectively with family wealth and family business. The focus of this course is in the individual human beings, the
    dynamics among them within the business and the system which is formed over a long period of time. Skills to analyze plan and implement the creation and maintenance of an effective system of governance or joint decision making processes for the family, will be acquired by the students.

    Self enrolment: MTA-283105.01 - 2013-14- B - Family business and wealth management