• This course aims to teach:

    • Fundamental principles of wording, analyzing and solving algorithmic problems in Computer Science.
    • Basic concepts of software engineering.

    Basic concepts of high level programming  implemented in C.

    Self enrolment: MTA111115.01- 2013.14 - A - Introduction to Computer Science
  • The course introduction to Microeconomics is the opening course to our entire Management and Applied Economics academic program. The course focuses on the main fundamental economic principles and analytical tools for understanding economic issues. Since microeconomic notions are closely related and can be applied to managerial issues, the course covers notions not only in economic thoughts but also on how to relate and apply economic principles and models to important issues in management.

    Introduction to Microeconomics focuses on  the ways individual economic agents such as businesses (enterprises), workers, consumers make economic decisions in competitive and noncompetitive markets as well as on how economic equilibrium is reached 

    In order to provide our students with conceptual and methodical tools, the course presents ideas on somewhat abstractive and general level. In subsequent (and more advanced) courses such as price theory, marketing, finance, human resources, strategy and entrepreneurship, we provide our students with additional analytical and practical tools. Throughout the Microeconomic course we show how economic abstractive models can be related and applied to managerial issues.

    Self enrolment: MTA121131.01- 2013.14 - A - Introduction to Microeconomics Computer Science
  • “Data mining” is a field that combines a variety of methods and tools for information extraction and knowledge generation out of “raw” data and text. As the data in the world virtually “explodes”, the insights that are gained with data mining tools are becoming more and more crucial to the success of business, government and academic enterprises.
    The aim of the course is to cultivate basic understanding of the field using a “hands on” project based learning experience. Thus, preparing the students for actual work in the field.
    Self enrolment: MTA142126 - 2013.14-A - Data Mining